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The keys to a competitive advantage today are: performance, trust and passion

Would you like to live up to these expectations?

Our ESP programs (English for specific purpose) are optimized in terms of cost and time, They are focused on a specific branch of the language (eg HR, Law, Logistics, Finance, Taxation, Accounting, Insurance, Customer Support …).

Each curriculum is centered on the language and the culture specific to the field,

If you need to develop your English skills we have a range of courses aimed at improving English proficiency in situations like negociation, conference video calls, meetings and presentation.

BKHS Center offers you a high-performance language training service based on a unique approach: Language courses are designed according to your specific needs and objectives

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, About Us

Our qualified teachers are dedicated to helping children and teenagers of all levels to learn English, French, Spanish and Arabic through language classes and varied activities during the school year or on vacation.

These courses allow a perfect adaptation to the linguistic needs of each learner according to the professional context in which he evolves.

Our teachers adapt the content of the courses according to your requirements.

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Meet the team

We highly value professionalism and devotion of our staff. All of our Language coaches are knowledgeable, qualified, skilled and caring teachers.

They are experienced trained professionals in the field of languages, communication, intercultural training and business who are passionate to advance the learners language skills effectively.

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BKHS’s expertise and our ability to Actively listen enabled us to build strong relationships with our clients. Among them: ​