, Casablanca Language center
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We design and deliver customised training based on your unique needs and offer a full range of flexible learning solutions for you, your kids and collaborators.

For Corporates

Expert in language training, BKHS Center offers a high-performance service in language training based on a unique approach: THE DESIGN OF LANGUAGE COURSES ACCORDING TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS AND OBJECTIVES!

, Casablanca Language center
, Casablanca Language center

For kids & teens

Our qualified teachers are dedicated to helping children and teenagers of all levels to learn English, French, Spanish and Arabic through language classes and varied activities during the school year or on vacation.

for individuals

These courses allow a perfect adaptation to the linguistic needs of each learner according to the professional context in which he evolves. Our teachers adapt the content and the schedules of the courses according to your requirements.

, Casablanca Language center

Your language training partner for all your needs

We are passionate about training and we are proud of our mission.

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We offer tailor-made trainings for individuals, semi-private groups and companies (corporate service), we design language programs to fit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Active listening: Close to better understand you
  • Responsiveness: To keep you one step ahead
  • Efficiency: Relevant benefits at the right time
  • Expertise: A wide range of skills
  • Clarity of information: For a relationship with confidence
  • Ethics: Values ​​for the respect of your interests
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