We're Hiring!

BKHS Center is dominant in the field of language training and coaching in Casablanca. 

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Candidates with a passion for teaching and a lot of motivation can apply for the following positions:

NATIVE Language Teachers - (FULL OR PART TIME)

English - Arabic - French - Spanish - Portuguese - German - Russian - Darija, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish ...

We are looking for candidates who have:

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A university degree (not necessarily in languages ​​or teaching).

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You want to be a member of a prestigious language center.

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An extroverted personality, communicative, innovative, flexible and able to work in a team.

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you master the language, like to communicate and share your culture with our customers.

All successful applicants will receive appropriate training in BKHS Center.

Send your CV to 📧 r.slaoui@bkhscenter.com

☎ 05 22 47 58 12

52 , Bd Zerktouni Espace Erreda, 6ème étage, Casablanca