Our Objective: To be the catalyst to reveal your talents by offering you all the assets through soft skills training to help you improve your performance and maximize your chances of success

"BKHS has developed a new concept of Club Entrepreneurs and Startups, with a collaborative and supportive approach that helps to advance our company entrepreneurs and startups through the agility and development of its Men / Women. We are oriented towards human interactions and the difference in intelligence quotient. We use emotional intelligence and we will play a key role in the development of the individual within his or her entrepreneurial environment."

Our values

Sharing, benevolence, humanism, respect, solidarity, perseverance, commitment and performance.

Reveal your hidden talents!
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You are at the beginning of your professional life, so spot your strengths !!

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Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship

Soft skills are very essential  in the world of business. Unfortunately in our countries, these skills are often neglected in favor of more measurable skills.


Any work on soft-skills requires a significant personal investment. A sincere intention, a deep will that alone can give the courage and motivation necessary for a deep and lasting change in behavior.

Accepting one’s emotions, learning to make them allies of one’s development can not be a “compulsory” work resulting from a managerial or corporate injunction.

Someone who would do it by injunction, feeling forced without meaning, will only do disappointing and negative experiments for himself and his environment.​

Good reasons to join the Club

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The network

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Exchange of experiences

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Exchange of services between entrepreneurs

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Language session: French, English, Arabic, Spanish

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Groupe Feedback – critical group thinking

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Soft skills training cycles

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Afterworks (specialists in the field of HR, Finance, Commercial, Law ....)


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BKHS Club Entrepreneurs & Skills Academy has created the best environment to develop and enrich the human skills of entrepreneurs. this allows entrepreneurs to have a sense of belonging.

Themes that will be proposed for the year included in the subscription

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To be his source of motivation

Recognize success

Recognize failure

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